Miguel Ferrer verstorben

      Ich schaue auch schon lange kein L.A. mehr, hatte nur neulich zufällig in einen Thread geguckt und mich gewundert, dass sie die Rolle offenbar rausgeschrieben hatten. Mit so einem traurigen Grund dafür hatte ich allerdings nicht gerechnet.
      Auch wenn ich nie ein großer Fan von Assistant Director Granger war, so hatte er doch einen großartigen Darsteller.
      Möge er in Frieden ruhen und ich wünsche seiner Familie viel Kraft.
      Ich habe das eben auf Twitter gelesen und bin so geschockt.... ich wusste nicht, dass er so krank war.
      Tut mir unheimlich leid und ich wünsche auch allen Freunden und vor allem seiner Familie viel Kraft.

      Er wird in LA definitiv fehlen, ich mochte Granger über die Zeit immer mehr
      und wenn ich an die zuletzt ausgestrahlte Folge mit ihm denke,
      rumort es in meinem Magen gerade enorm. RIP.

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      Ich hatte irgendwann mal gelesen, dass er krank ist, aber doch ein wenig beiseite geschoben... Man weiß da ja auch als Außenstehender nie, wie ernst es doch ist.

      Ich habe die Nachricht heute Morgen bei Facebook gelesen und war sehr betroffen und traurig. Ich habe mich diese Staffel wieder mehr mit LA befasst und Granger gefiel mir immer sehr gut. Auch in den Staffeln, die ich nicht richtig verfolgt habe, gehörte er zu den Charakteren, die mich angesprochen haben. Das war eine sehr traurige Nachricht und ich kann es noch nicht so ganz glauben. Jetzt wird einem natürlich auch klar, warum Granger niedergestochen wurde...

      Er ist jetzt erlöst. Möge er in Frieden Ruhen. Viel Kraft an seine Freunde, Familie und Angehörigen.
      Die Reaktionen des Cast sind herzzerreißend..

      Daniela Ruah:
      Migdog my friend and brother, I carry the heaviest heart and a knot in my throat. I still hear your voice as vividly as if you were still around and am somehow able to smile amidst my tears, at the memory of your story telling. You were... gracious, a true gentlemen, made everyone around you feel included. I am so thankful to know you. To have spent so much time with you 'on the field' and in 'Afghanistan' and to have met your wonderful family. We butted heads on screen but in real life my friend, we shared nothing but love. I will forever remember having lunch with you at 'Musso & Frank's' and learning all about old Hollywood- the one you grew up in. It's hard to grasp... this thing called death. It happens to all of us... But damn it for some it happens too soon.
      #rip @mjf789 #gonetoosoon #fuckcancer


      Eric Christian Olsen:
      Some of my favorite moments working on the show are when I would steal Miguel away and beg him to tell me stories of his life. Tucked into a corner, huddled around cheap tea and lukewarm soup he would tell stories. Fantastic, terrifying, magical, intense, life affirming, fearless and beautiful stories. Stories of a 17 year old kid who left home and toured the world as a drummer in a rock band. Stories about Hollywood in the 80's. About Robocop. Twin peaks. Clooney. About his mom. His brother and sisters. Growing up in Los Angeles. But his favorite stories to tell were about his kids. He loved Lukas and Rafi so much. He was so proud of who they have become. And rightfully so, they are effortlessly charming, funny, smart, confident and comfortable in who they are...and cool...man these kids are cool, in the most positive connotation of the word they are cool...and they are cool because he was fucking cool. They love honestly and fearlessly because he loved them honestly and fearlessly. They have heart because Miguel led with heart. Those kids are gonna be a tribute to everything that he represented. They are going to do amazing things because he loved and celebrated them for who they are and that may be the best legacy any of us can have. --- With hearts broken and tears pooled we celebrate u brother.


      Renee Felice Smith:
      My dear friend, Miguel. We logged lots of hours together up in Ops. Miguel, Linda, Barrett and me: affectionately dubbed "the pod"--- in between set ups, waiting around the campfire (read Hetty's Heater HOT) Miguel would tell stories and I'd be the most captive audience member. His laugh, completely infectious. Miguel is wrapped inside my most fond work memories. How fortunate I was to know and work with him. He was the most sincere man, a gentle soul, a natural leader, a true blue man of his word and an incomparable scene partner. He listened. And it was my sincere pleasure to listen to him. I have such a place in my heart for Miguel. He was one of the good guys. And now we have another sparkle in the sky ✨ Only love, Miguel ❤️


      Barrett Foa:
      I burst into tears at this news. I don't think that's ever happened to me. I cried all morning. MigDog and I clocked a lot of hours together up in ops alongside @reneefelicesmith and Miss Linda Hunt, and sat next to each other at every table read. Miguel was a special special dude. That fantastic mug of his intimidated me at first. But then he'd open his mouth and be the easiest person in the world to talk to - so generous with his time and energy. He shared some intimate secrets with me - I was surprised and honored that I had earned his trust. One of my favorite things about Miguel would be how passionate he was about acting. Not his own. He was never precious about that. But he would turn into a little kid when he talked about fantastic television (Downton Abbey) and film (Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables.) Here is a scene I saw play out about 97 times: Director: Miguel, this time could you try it with a tad more x?
      Miguel: Watch this. You're gonna love it!
      Well, Miguel.
      We did watch it.
      And boy, did we love it.


      Sehr schöne und bewegende Worte... ;(
      NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer,
      who died Jan. 19, will be paid tribute on the show in an episode to air
      in March, CBS announced Wednesday. He died of cancer at age 61.

      The CBS drama will memorialize the actor in its March 5 episode with a
      version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door," sung by Ferrer and played by his
      band, The Jenerators. There will also be a card at the end of the show
      paying homage to Ferrer, who played NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger
      on the show since 2012.

      Ferrer's final appearance will be in the Feb. 19 episode, "Payback," with scenes filmed prior to his passing.


      ist das schön <3

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